I can’t lie. All of this current political banter is highly depressing. Maybe we’d be better of with a king since people can’t seem to play nice or handle having choices. Anyway, the real post begins now:

November was a momentous event for me. I spent 6 hours at a book festival meeting and greeting and selling a few books. I’ve always said that I don’t care about the money when it comes to writing. It is my calling. I’ve been doing it since I was a little child. Even won an award for writing a novel in high school. A very poor novel I tried to throw away a few years ago but my mom took it and hid it so I couldn’t. I’m 41 now, can’t we let that rest in peace?

My validation came in the form of two middle teenage girls who couldn’t stop smiling when they came up to my table. Now let me set that by saying I’m certainly not famous, not a big time player- yet. I have a small following that I steadily growing and hope to get bigger in the coming days. These two girls were absolutely giddy as I signed their book and made light talk with them. They walked away with pure bliss on their face, even thanking me for signing their book, saying it was the coolest thing ever. Can you say humbled??

Shortly after that another older teen came back to my table with her bank (the mother) and couldn’t wait for me to sign and hand a copy over. She said it was the best book ever and her mother said it would be a chore to keep her from reading the whole thing before they got home. Wow!

I’ve been compared to Tolkien (what fantasy author hasn’t?) and CS Lewis but heard a lot of Game of Thrones comments for the first time. To have random people get excited over what I wrote is simply amazing. It is the very reason I’ve worked so hard to get published and produce quality works. The money is nice too but there is nothing comparable to seeing the look of excitement in a stranger’s eyes when they walk away with one of my books.

Am I crazy, take a look and you tell me.

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