It’s a new dawn in a wide world

There are some things in life that are unexplainable. I spent twenty years wearing an Army uniform, well- several really, and bouncing around to the mostly bad parts of the world. Eh, perks of the job. I didn’t mind. Since I was given the ultimatum of either retire or we don’t get married (A choice I wisely made) I finally started putting a lot of effort into my books. Less than a year later I received my first contract. Life was getting pretty good. I won an award from the L Ron Hubbard contest- Whoa!, and now, two years later I have the good fortune of having twelve books under contract, participated in five short story anthologies, and people are actually asking my advice on how to do this or that. Where did that come from? I don’t know but I am extremely thankful and couldn’t have gotten to where I am at without the support of all of you. My latest accomplishment is winning a publishing contract from a small press. I lost the vote count by nearly 80 but the judges liked my message better than a gnarly old werewolf. Seriously, who does werewolves anymore?

I guess what I’m trying to say is sit back, enjoy, and strap in. We’re all in for one hell of a ride!


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