New year- what a trip!

As I sit here and reflect on my life I realize that I’ve accomplished all of the goals I once had. I wanted to join the Army- Check. I wanted to go to war- Check (don’t ask why, I dunno either), I wanted to publish a book- check. Now, with ten books in print, I understand that I cannot be successful without you all. The more you share my work, the more you comment, the more you take the time to enjoy the words I’ve strung together the stronger I get. The better I become. I would like, very humbly and respectfully, to ask each of you to help me on my journey. To give my words life and, should the urge arise (and I really hope it will- no, really) leave a few kind words on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Every little bit helps and, to be honest, I would be nothing as a writer without all of you.

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