The tale that launched a thousand books

Ok, so the title might be slightly misleading. I don’t, in the spirit of full disclosure, have a thousand books published, but I am getting pretty close at around 20. Fourteen are complete, published and being enjoyed by hundreds of readers around the world. Hundreds sounds pretty depressing but the numbers continue to grow as my legend spreads. Delusional? Possibly but it’s my ride.

Here’s a snippet of the Purifying Flame. A tale of dark powers, mystical orders, and the need of an entire world to prevent the great enemy from destroying the world. Sounds typical, of course it does, but the concept stood out enough to be noticed and recognized by the esteemed judges of the L Ron Hubbard Writer’s of the Future Contest. (I truly mean esteemed. The judges are some of the best in the business- past and present, from Anne McCaffrey to David Farland.) They thought it was good enough for 4th place and I can’t complain about that. Enjoy friends.

The Purifying Flame

Master Sergeant Cron spat a wad of phlegm and eyed the new recruits. One hundred knights, men and women, stood in formation ten ranks deep. Cron was unimpressed. He absently scratched the scar tissue around his empty right eye socket. Too many had passed through the gates during his tenure as senior sergeant. many he didn’t bother learning their names or getting to know them anymore. Cron lowered his fur-lined hood, revealing a head of silver hair closely cropped to his skull. The pale blue and silver of his cloak complimented winter’s kiss.  Sensing his brother’s impatience, Cron took a step forward.

“Forget everything you have heard about Castle Andrak,” he growled. His bear-like voice echoed around the courtyard. “There is no romance, no happy ending. For thousands of years the war priests have held this castle against the crushing tide of the Omegri. We are all that stands between the light and eternal darkness.”

Murmurs and sudden restlessness rippled through the knights. Cron forced a savage grin and began to pace the length of the formation.

“Every one hundred days one hundred knights come to defend these walls. You sell your lives dearly so that countless millions might live. We salute you! Tonight begins your hundred days. The Omegri are ruthless and will not allow you time to prepare. Each day will confront you with a new challenge. Andrak stands on the border between reality and the immaterial. The Omegri do not exist in this world but that won’t stop them from killing you. Brother’s Quinlan and Fos will see to your billeting. All squires will report to Quartermaster Therig for weapon and armor issue. Ladies and gentlemen, your war begins tonight. Stand your watch and fear no darkness!”

“Fear no darkness!”

The battle cry rang from the walls as every war priest echoed Cron. Donal felt pride and youthful vigor fill his heart. His skin tingled in dread anticipation. No soldier, his job was to stand the wall behind Forlei and resupply weapons and, if needs be, take his place if he fell. Donal swallowed his fears and joined the line of squires and errand boys as the knights were led off.

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