A Kick in the Teeth

Sometimes I find that the best way to approach a problem is by charging head first and kicking it in the teeth. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. So far this year I have sent 3 novels off to two publishers. Sounds like a lot but I wrote two of them almost 20 years ago and just now got off my behind to type them up and run with it. Of course now I have more work to do since the 2 require another 2 I need to write in order to finish the story. Oh well.

My problem- and shortcomings- is that I have so many different titles released over the last few years I can’t even begin to put together a suitable marketing plan. Of course everyone on the internet is an expert trying to hock their own book on how great their system is. Have you ever actually met anyone who didn’t claim to be an expert? For myself, I have almost 20 novels out but don’t consider myself prolific or even successful, but I am a solid bottom middle of the road— for now.


Sometimes your dreams of taking over the world take some time. So I sit in front of my computer, listening to people tell me how great their methods are. Oh and please don’t get me started on making connections with people and they immediately respond with ‘hey buy my book!’ Umm, no and, more importantly, good bye. I’m an author. Why would you want to try to sell me your book?

Oh well. The struggle is real and because of that I have decided to meet my challenges head on and, yep you guessed it, kick them in the teeth.

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