7 Facebook Groups Every Author Should Be a Member of:

I normally see little to no value in Facebook marketing- the returns just aren’t there to justify spending a lot of time doing so- but there are occasional gems worth discovering.

Financial Independence Retire Early

With Facebook Groups, you can connect with multiple networks of people inside Facebook. Not only are groups like private rooms with their own news feeds, there are special features built into groups that make them more useful than the rest of Facebook. So here are 7 groups that authors can make the most out of.

1) Book Review & Promotion    A massive group with over 20,000 members, this group has daily promotions for authors to get one step ahead of the rest.

R&P Group

2) Writers Of The World   A positive fun group for writers to share their experiences and knowledge with the world.


3) GREAT BOOK COVERS   Got a great cover? Then this is the group for you. Get feedback from other members and discover great ideas for future covers.

Great.Book Covers

4) Book Trailers “Now Showing”   For authors with book trailers, this must…

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