My pick of the month

Pick of the month:
The Thousand Names by Django Wexler.
Where to begin? This book (and the following 3) were not what I was expecting when the guy at Barnes and Noble recommended it. I love a wide range of fantasy but Wexler sets his novels in a setting similar to the French Revolution- just like George Martin uses the War of the Roses as his inspiration. Unlike Martin I think Wexler will actually finish his series before he dies.

The Thousand Names follows a beaten military command in the middle of the desert as they get reinforced and are sent back into the fight against an enemy that pounded them earlier. The military action is great. The dynamic between soldiers is believable. I conjured images of the French Foreign Legion fighting Arabs as I read along.

Where the book turns back to true fantasy is when the new commanding officer, a noble in their home kingdom, is determined to find the source of magic to stop a sect of dark priests. These ‘names’ contain invokations to invite demons into our souls.

Overall, I found this book hard to put down. In fact, I sped through the first 3 (easily 2000 pages) in a week and a half. The Thousand Names is refreshing and pretty darn good read. 4 stars.

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