Change is in the air

The Dragon HuntersMuch has been going through my mind lately. I’m not satisfied with where I am in the publishing landscape and decided it was time for a change. Perhaps I am making a mistake, perhaps not. We shall see. Regardless, the time has come for me to explore other options and reengage my assault on the publishing world. To do so, I have begun rebranding certain elements of my works and heading in new directions.

I have never been satisfied with the original cover for the Dragon Hunters. What has been called my finest book deserves a worthy cover. And here we have it.

the bitter war of always

This little gem is for my forthcoming series: Immortality Shattered. Yes, I know it says book 2, but I had to start somewhere. The backgrounds for the other 3 books will remain the same and the images will change. Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did contracting them. The future is bright and, as always, read on, my friends. Read on.


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