Operation Empire

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve dreamed of being a writer. Move over Clive Barker and Stephen King! This is my world. At least that’s what I thought I wanted way back when. You might not believe it, but I imagined being a horror writer, crafting nightmarish tales designed to chill the blood and still your soul. I don’t know if any of my early works ever had that effect (most likely not) but I sure tried hard.

So where did it all come off the rails? Beats me, but my writing soon turned to fantasy, with a little horror mixed in. There was a time when I’d throw on an Iron Maiden cassette (yes, I said cassette! Don’t judge!) and would crank out four or five pages by hand. Those were the days.

My inspirations were myriad. I’ve always loved film noir, making it no strange thing that I would eventually turn to creating a world akin to the works of Chandler and Hammet. The Lazarus Men was born in the early, early 90s, under a different guise and theme. Not what I wanted, I shelved it and only went back to it in late 2015. The finished product makes me happy and opens a world of possibilities to explore- once I find the time and burn through the current projects dominating my thoughts.

At any rate, The Lazarus Men is the opening salvo in my renewed war on the publishing world. Operation Empire begins. Jump aboard before the train gets moving too fast.

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