Book Review: Where Have All the Elves Gone?

What a great way to start my day off. Opened up the old laptop and found a review for my Where Have All the Elves Gone? This isn’t an in depth treatise on the human social condition. Oh no, this is light hearted romp that takes place in a single night. Proof that we should all be careful what we wish for- we just might get it.

on March 20, 2017
After grinding through some long and dense reads from Sanderson and Rothfuss, it was refreshing to get back to what books are all about. Entertainment. Fun. Freed hits those points and then some with Where Have All the Elves Gone?. The book itself is a fish out of water story of a writer thrown into the underground world where common archetypical fantasy creatures and elements dwell in modern day America behind the scenes and unseen to the common man. Freed draws on his own military experience to build a very believable protagonist; like him, a combat veteran fantasy author. Daniel portrays a realistic view of a veteran happy in the comfort of civilian life chasing his dream while still yearning and ready to dive headfirst back into the fight for a good cause. The common elements of fantasy such as magic, dragons, dwarves, and eleven culture are integrated into present day America in very interesting ways that leave you begging for a deeper dive into the world. Freed’s style shines the most in the action. The fast paced and engaging combat sequences are engrossing for combat veterans while still being understandable and engaging for those who haven’t served. Being able to bridge that gap has been a problem that has plagued many fantasy and science fiction writers. All in all, Where Have All the Elves Gone? delivers fast paced, entertaining, and action packed fantasy. A must read for fantasy fans who are looking for a change of pace from slow moving plots or lovers of some good old fantasy action.

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