A New Dawn

As some of you have heard, my publisher and I parted ways back in March. They just weren’t cutting it for me and we both agreed to part ways. One of the reasons for my discontent was the way they handled what I believe to be my best storyline so far. As you can see by the covers, there was no justice done and you can’t tell they are part of a series. What should have appealed to sci-fi and fantasy fans was buried under the rug and left to rot. I received an email today from a new publisher who has agreed to contract my series. This is great news and a bolstering of confidence on my end. In the meantime, I have noticed a very successful series with the same title: Sleeping Gods- and was forced to make a course correction. I now name these books the Forgotten Gods. Books 1-3 should be republished before the end of the year and I have recently completed the first draft of book 4. Book 5 is slated to begin soon, but I have another project to do first. Patience is the key word here. With a little patience we can conquer the world.

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