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Pleased to announce my latest creation…enjoy and PLEASE- let me know what you think. I may write it, but that means nothing if you all don’t enjoy it.


Writing a book can be the hardest task an aspiring author will undertake, or it can be the fullest, most rewarding experience. The choice is yours. From creating worlds to building a strong set of characters, so much goes into the writing of a good fiction book that the author becomes inundated with details. The wall builds up until finishing a work of quality fiction seems impossible. Take heart! You are not alone.
With So…You Want to Write a Book?, award winning and bestselling military fantasy author Christian Warren Freed takes future authors on the wild ride of experiences that have landed him success. He details his failures, mixing comedy with despair and hope, and the growing list of his successes for the reader. There is no worse feeling that that of being alone on a long journey. New and future authors stand to learn much from So…You Want to Write a Book?

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