I Never Thought

That the day would come when I tried to crank out a novel that happens overnight and in the modern world. Never seemed like my ‘thing’. That being said, I did. Successfully, I think. You can thank Twilight for that. The way that…book…ruined fantasy for a few years is responsible for the work you see below.


Where Have All the Elves Gone? is a play on the ridiculous ‘sexy vampire’ craze and the decline of traditional fantasy. The premise is simple. All of the creatures of traditional fantasy are real and living in disguise among us. I know some of you suspect your neighbors are trolls or dwarves…

Anyway, the story takes place in central North Carolina, features a veteran turned author (hmmm?) and a shady government organization. Enjoy.

Where Have All the Elves Gone?

Everyone knows Elves don’t exist. Or do they? Daniel Thomas spent years making a career of turning his imagination into the reality of best selling fantasy novels. But times are tough. No one wants to read about elves and dragons anymore. Daniel learns this firsthand when his agent flatly says no to his latest and, what he deems, to be greatest novel yet. Dissatisfied with the turn to zombies and vampire lovers, he takes his manuscript and heads out to confront his agent.

His world changes when he finds his agent dying on the floor of her office. Too late to help, he watches as her dead body disintegrates into a pile of ash and dust. Daniel doesn’t have time to ponder what just happened as a band of assassins breaks in, forcing him to flee to the Citadel and the home of the king of the high elves in order to survive. Daniel soon discovers that all of the creatures he once thought he imagined actually exist and are living among us. His revelation comes at a price however, as he is drawn into a murder-mystery that will push him to the edge of sanity and show him things no human has witnessed in centuries.

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  1. I read this book. Mr. Freed has a great knack for suspense. I think a Daniel adventure should happen every so often.

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