Out of the rubble…

Nothing gets me going more than poor production efforts. I had a publisher. Once. Twice. Both failed me. Not that I was an expert, but I expect more than what I was given. Here is an example. This is the cover my publisher decided to give me for what I believe is the best story I’ve written:


Not the worst, but what about this says universe spanning science fiction? Or quality for that matter? I say nothing. And nothing is what I got. The series failed. My publisher disappeared for six months before we parted ways.

The time has come for the rebirth of this series. I’ve written 4 books so far and am beginning the fifth. I control the power and the ultimate fate. For less than 100$ I contracted this:

dreams of winter2

You tell me who won.

2 Comments on “Out of the rubble…

  1. Cover #2 wins by a light year. 1st one could be medieval tale, a romance, and could fall into many categories. #2 lets you know what you are getting and I’d take it off the shelf and check it out and buy it.

  2. Second looks soooo much better!!!! Christian Warren Freed 1 old publisher -3. Good luck with the new publisher. Looking forward to reading this series

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