Reviews of Tony Mandolin books by Robert Lee Beers

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Hole Lotta Shakin’: The Tony Mandolin Mysteries: Short Story # 2

E.M. Swift-Hook‘s review

Hole Lotta Fun!

“You all know our esteemed Commander in Chief,” Roosevelt bowed his head as he fingered his chips. “Next to him is Ducky Smith, one of the few women in the new Secret Service, and next to her is Mister Eric Craig, the only scientist to beat Russia’s Tesla in chess. Watch out for him, he cheats.”

I feel guilty doing a review of this book. Guilty, because I star in it – well my namesake does. So I shall keep this short and sweet.

This is a wonderful and rip-roaring tale of derring-do by Tony and Frankie who find themselves plunged back in time to April 1906 – and they are still in San Fransisco.

It includes the finest game of poker in all fiction!

You will not regret reading it and…

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