Sorry for the Delay but…

Life sometimes gets in the way. Hard. I had two final projects to finish up for my current classes in my MA program with Chapel Hill. Not fun, but I gained valuable knowledge from them. Looks like taking writing from books to business is a little more difficult than I imagined. Anywho, let’s get back to the fight.

This week’s offering to the gods of pen and paper (I remember long nights writing like that) is a fun (subjective) tale I call Where Have All the Elves Gone? The premise is based on elves, dwarves, and even dragons existing among us without our knowledge. At least until a fantasy author stumbles upon the secret world in the heart of North Carolina. Clearly one of my favorite stories to write. Hopefully one of yours to read.


This book is free from May 7- May 11. Get your copy today and, if you’ve already read- PLEASE leave a review. It’s sort of like donating blood….no, really.

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  1. this was the first book of Christian Warren Freed’s that I read. I usually read mysteries. This book caught my attention from the beginning with suspense and science fiction. Would like to see a Daniel book pop every once in awhile. He could be Freed’s Sherlock Holmes.

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