Fire Up the Engines

Anyone else come back from the weekend refreshed? Despite the teenage hell of emotions gripping my house- as my daughter is about to graduate high school and her moment of oh shit hits- I am ready to beat this week into submission. Who’s with me?

the madman on the rocks1

This bad boy was released on Friday and is already moving. Where would I be without all of you? The Madman on the Rocks is book 2 of the Forgotten Gods Tales. Still early in the story, as I am thinking this will flesh out to around 9-10 books. Funny though, I have never written a trilogy. 6 book series. 4 book series, but never. Huh. Anywho, if you all are interested, swing over to Amazon and snag your copy today. I won’t mind! If you’re feeling extra bold, drop a review for this or any of my other books. Just as long as it’s honest.

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  1. A teenage girl and graduation!!?? How do you even write? Is she planning to further her education? My great niece graduated last week end in Las Vegas, she is planning on being a lawyer. Well it was a very rainy weekend here so yesterday I spent it reading Dreams of Winter. Can’t wait for this to come out in book form.

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