A Friendly Ask

Tomorrow's Demise I.jpgGood Monday morning friends! As you know, I have been slogging out chapter after chapter of my Tomorrow’s Demise saga for your enjoyment. (Love reading the comments!) What you don’t know is that I am getting ready to throw my first baby to the wolves of the world. Tomorrow’s Demise has never gotten much love from old publisher. The cover was horrid, and they never promoted it much.

Good news is I have fixed the cover, tidied up the text and am getting ready to republish for your enjoyment. What I ask all of you, if you liked the story- or even if you didn’t, would you all please be so kind as to leave an early review while the book is in preorder? After all, you’ve already read it! My endearing thanks to all of you ahead of time. Just leave a message and I will shoot you the details.


2 Comments on “A Friendly Ask

  1. I am in if it is ok with you. I am looking forward to it in book form. I will probably reread the book. I love the new cover so much more. Oh by the way have you thought about redoing the children’s book you wrote?

  2. Glad you are doing this. It is a dang good story, plenty of action, suspense and an all around excellent read.

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