Free 11/12-11/16: The Bitter War of Always

the bitter war of always

Who doesn’t like a little free action? From now thru the end of the year I will be giving away one free book a week. Exciting right? Easy to do when you have a stockpile of almost 20 titles out. This week comes with a catch however. The Bitter War of Always is book 2 of a 4 book set.

I wrote this one waaaaaaaay back in my barracks room on Camp Casey, South Korea in 97-98. The original idea was born back in 90 when I stormed 100 pages in before deciding I didn’t like anything about it. Axe the hundred and press on right? You can get your copy here:

The war has begun. The Black Imelin’s defection took the Hierarchy unawares and his campaign of domination spreads across the northern kingdom of Galdea. Legions of darklings, freed from their prison, ravage the Free Lands. All Imelin needs is the Staff of Life to return to Meisthelm a conqueror.
The Galdean army abandons their capital in favor of the Crimson Fields. There, Field Marshal Dlorn and the others prepare to do battle with an impossibly large foe. What remains of their kingdom depends on them. Not only does he defend Galdea, he is charged with protecting the heir to the throne, Princess Elsyn.
Aron Kryte finds himself in an impossible position. Not only is he the last descendent of the mad Ils Kincannon, the man who once tried to enslave the world, but he is the destined bearer of the Staff of Life. He and his band of heroes secure the Staff before Imelin and flee east. Self-doubt plagues the young lord of the Golden Warriors as he struggles to come to terms with not only his past, but his destiny.
Far to the southeast, former High Counselor Sylin Marth has gone in search of the legendary wizard Elxander. His hopes that the wizard will return to help the Hierarchy put an end to Imelin and the war are mired by doubts. Finding Elxander is easy. Reaching him is another matter, for he must cross the width of the Goblin Lands, face a dragon, and escape capture.
Time is against them all, for the skies darken and the war spreads.

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