Free This Week: The Children of Never

Children of Never E book

Part of my ongoing Christmas giveaways is this dandy. A little bit of a ghost story, a little bit fantasy, all adventure. The Children of Never is the first full length novel set in the world of the Purifying Flame, a short story that won me 4th place in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest back in 2012. Enjoy, and please drop a review. I love to hear what you think.

Lizette awakens to a nightmare, for her daughter has been stolen during the night. When she goes to the Baron to petition aid, she learns that similar incidents are occurring across the duchy. Her daughter was just the beginning. Baron Einos of Fent is left with no choice but to summon the war priests. Brother Quinlan is a haunted man. Last survivor of Castle Bendris, he now serves Andrak. Despite his flaws, the Lord General recognizes Quinlan as one of the best he has. Sending him to Fent is his best chance for finding the missing children and restoring order. Quinlan begins a quest that will tax his strength and threaten the foundations of his soul. The Grey Wanderer stalks the lands, and where he goes, bad things follow. The dead rise and the Omegri launch a plan to stop time and overrun the world. The duchy of Fent is just the beginning.

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