Book Review: The Traitor God


The Traitor God was one of those books sitting on my tbr shelves (yes, I said shelves…) for over a year. The cover intrigued me but after a string of strikes (The Tiger’s Daughter- yawn, nothing really happened in that one, The Battle for Hell’s Island- good Lord the writing is so dense, and several others) I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed.

The main character is one messed up dude. Forced to flee his home because of what he was born as- to be fair, no one wants to have a mind controlling Tyrant around to take over everything- He struggles with who and what he is. Magic is no joke in this world. Be the wrong kind and magic police are coming after you.

An unexpected death causes him to come home and the book takes on a whole film noir feel- which I absolutely love. Between old detective movies and the entire genre, this book fits in nicely for 3/4. Then the big bad is revealed and everything goes to hell. Enemy invasions, traitors, corrupt gods. You name it.

The story was well done as well as the main character’s struggles to avoid becoming what everyone is afraid of. I think that was what drew me in after the initial feel of the book. Also, it’s hard to actually like the main character. He’s not the sort of guy you want to sit down and have a beer with.

4 out of 5 stars and I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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