Book Review: The Brass God

This was one of those books I was hesitant to buy because the previous book was God awful (in my opinion). I found the series intriguing from the outset but where book one had a great premise and engaging characters and conversations- and no little bit of action- book two felt flat and, frankly, boring to me. Still, I am one of those guys who likes to see things through, even if it means visual torture. So I grabbed this book on impulse and hesitantly dug in.

I’m glad I did. It doesn’t fall prey to the trappings of the previous volume and advances the story with the right mix of action, adventure, and a slight horror element. The author goes deeper into this world on many levels and brings the main family of characters racing toward their fates. There is just enough uniqueness here to keep it interesting and entertaining. The writing style is smooth and easy to follow and I found my interest renewed after a lackluster 2nd book. Not a bad series at all, but nowhere near my favorites either. There is enough going on to make me want to read more.

3.5 out of 5 stars.


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