The Return of A New King

Well friends, as some of you know, writing is more than a hobby, it’s a business. Not only am I the current CEO of my small empire, but I have to spend my days making business decisions that, quite frankly, I often feel are out of my depth. That’s never stopped me from jumping in deeper. I don’t run from a fight and I only know one way to approach a problem.

The Forgotten Gods is by far my favorite story to write. Not only does it combine the width of Star Wars with the expansionism of Dune, but it throws in a little horror and a lot of fantasy.  In this regard, I am republishing the first 3 books in the series with a new vendor and hoping that it finally gets the treatment it deserves. New covers, fresh editing, and a story that continues to steamroll on (now into book 5). Preorder your copy of Dreams of Winter today and share with friends. The war is coming. Are you prepared?

dreams of winter2

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  1. Christian, this sounds so exciting. I respect all the work you have done and are doing to reach your dream to be a published writer. Too many people believes the book will do all the work. You have returned to school after 20 years in the Army to learn what you needed. You are not afraid to say there are days you feel over whelmed. If more CEOs did that more companies would run better. Some answers can be found in books others are just trial and error. You are a very intelligent person. The Raines

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