Lessons Learned: An examination of failure and reward


Admitting we are wrong is never easy, but that is what I am doing today. I spent September 14th at a book festival where almost no one showed up and it marked the first time in my almost decade long career where I failed to sell a single copy. Hell, I didn’t even try. I had a few conversations with people but you know when they are or aren’t going to buy anything. This wasn’t the right crowd- and it wasn’t just me. No one around me sold anything either.

That’s when I came to the realization that I have done everything wrong since firing my publisher almost two years ago. Everything. I thought small, let financial commitments hold me back, and failed to pull the trigger when I should have. Most of my actions resulted in the wrong outcome. This is not to say I haven’t expanded my empire and made sales, but they are nowhere near what they should have been. And it’s my fault alone. Period. No excuses.

Now, I’ve never felt sorry for myself a day in my life and I’ll be damned if I start now. A long career in the Army successfully beat any sense of doubt or lack of confidence out of me. I approach every problem head on and never run from a fight. So I got to talking with the two fellas on either side of me. I picked them for intel for almost 8 hours while we all lamented the futility of the event. There is still the chance for victory in defeat.

I learned what I was doing wrong- without exposing my shortcomings to them. Now, I have an actionable plan and have never been more focused and motivated than I am now. I have super fans from around the world, from Moscow to Korea to Boston (ugh- sorry folks, Yankees fan here) to right here in NC. That doesn’t happen on a fluke. They deserve better. I deserve better.

So, invigorated and ready to fight, I feel like I did the night before the Iraq invasion. Nervous, anxious, and ready to kick ass. I can’t tell you all the things coming, but I will give you a little taste. Right now I am finishing writing the sequel to the Lazarus Men. These books are a little James Bond, little Maltese Falcon, and a little Total Recall- in space. They are about a shady organization that has been run by the same man for centuries with the goal of manipulating governments and armies to get what he wants. Now he’s got his sights set on an interplanetary war. Throw in a treasure hunt and some good old fashioned thriller and we’ve got a book. I have a book with a major publisher, one with an agent, and another in consideration at a smaller publisher. I’ve got comiccons, book signings, library readings, and so much more. On top of that I’m finishing my thesis for UNC Chapel Hill which will eventually become the sequel to my So…You Want to Write a Book?

Sit back, buckle in, and get ready for the war. The opening salvo has just been fired. If you haven’t read any of my books I invite you to check them out now. There is plenty to choose from. If you have, please leave an honest- seriously, honest- review on Goodreads or Amazon. Every one of them counts. Thanks for sharing the ride this far. But like the Carpenters said, we’ve only just begun.



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  1. Christian Warren Freed learned the art of story telling and writing at a young age.( I have my thoughts from whom.) He took that love and honed his skills. He has not had any special treatment because he was someone’s child. He has worked hard to get to this point. He takes every chance to learn and continue to improve his skills. His books are very imaginative action packed page turners. You will visit worlds that you are glad you can leave but will want to revisit. You will meet characters that scare you and others that you wish you could spend time with. deb

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