Veteran’s Day

I realize this doesn’t really much to most of you other than a much needed day off and a bbq with friends. And that is great. Truly. Part of the reason I joined the Army was tradition, and a bigger part (that I learned down the road) was because I had no problem doing those things that the vast majority of the country will never have to. Someone’s got to do it. I never asked for thanks, gratitude or any of that. It was my job and I loved well, most of it.


That being said, it is with a very humble attitude that I thank every man and woman who has ever donned a uniform and picked up a rifle to go halfway around the world because a guy in a suit said so and put their lives and families on hold for endless days to brave the terrors of war.

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It is no easy thing, especially when the constant threat of harm is forefront in the mind. The dread of losing friends is always present and continues to haunt us long after the bullets stop flying. Each year at this time I start to see ghosts. Always fond remembrances of those no longer with us. Sharing a laugh in the motorpool. Seeing the medevac fly off in a race against the clock, even going to a complete stranger’s house to inform them that their son had just been killed.


I’ve seen and done things most of you will only see in movies or read in books. For me, the reality of it all continues to form who I am and what I am. I like to think I am a better man for what I’ve done and with that I will close this.

Happy Veteran’s Day to my brothers and sisters and a heartfelt Airborne! to my closest friends. You are what makes America special.

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  1. Thank you for your service and the sacrifices you made for us. We can live our lives the way we do because of you and all that served with you.

  2. Chris thanks again for your service and being a great neighbor as you’ve invited us out many times! With having 4 kids it’s a bit crazy, but we could not enjoy the craziness without yours and many others sacrifice.

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