Are We There Yet? A Journey Through the Trials of Writing a Book That Doesn’t Want to be Written

Writing a book is a journey. Albeit a liberating, satisfying, and fulfilling one, there are instances when it is just painful to write. And to keep up with all the other aspects of being an author they don’t tell you about when you write Chapter One. Ok, to be fair, no one tells you anything because this is a you thing. Solitary and getting lost in your thoughts until you bang out endless pages and a hundred thousand words. Then the torture begins.

I wrote the Lazarus Men a few years ago because I absolutely love the old film noir movies. Combine the Maltese Falcon with a little James Bond and Philip K. Dick’s Total Recall and you have the gist. That one was easy to write. The sequel, not so much.

the lazarus men.jpg

Repercussions is a whole different animal. Same main character. Same shady guy who may or may not have already been alive for centuries. Writing it has been like pulling teeth. I started last year. It took me about 4 months to write 20k words. Unacceptable. I set it aside and wrote a different book- AND did more in 3 weeks than I did in 4 months. Funny how that works, right?

Now, a year later and still not really motivated, I am down to the final few chapters and trying to decide who lives or dies and it is still like pulling teeth. I suppose the moral of the story is never stop fighting. Losing isn’t an option. Repercussions is coming soon. Now if I can only find the motivation to write book 3….

And if you haven’t already begun the adventure, pick up your copy of the Lazarus Men today. It’s a hell of a ride.


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  1. Both books sound like good reads. Seems you have 3 exits before the end of your journey and no rest stop until you get to the third exit. Good luck.

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