Allow Myself to (Re) Introduce Myself…

Anyone? I can’t believe that’s already 20 yrs old… Anyway. I figure with the ending of the great Helscape adventure and with a slew of new followers and what have yous it was a good opportunity to introduce you all to my little corner of the world. I’m going to be presenting one of my books each day until either I run out of books or run out of days this calendar year. It’s debatable at this point which comes first.

IMG_0791See, still have it, though it’s nowhere near as impressive as my slew of medals earned during my time in the Army- including the Bronze Star for my actions during the Iraq Invasion in 2003. (Thank you, 101st Airborne Division).

I spent 10 days of freedom after high school before reporting to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma for basic training. Anyone who has ever been to that part of the country in summer knows my pain. After that I was on that big iron bird heading for the Land of the Morning Calm: The Republic of South Korea and the DMZ. I didn’t write much then, and only picked it back up when I was a Fort Bragg with the Airborne. (Would you believe my job was to drop behind enemy lines, mess things up, and either wait for helicopter extraction or the rest of the army to catch up?)

The war broke out in 2001 and, unsatisfied with being stateside AND being married to my exwife, I raised my hand and got on a plane to Afghanistan. War being really boring when you’re not getting shot at, I wrote a book.

book2Not to be outdone, I came home, refitted, and headed for Iraq where- you guessed it- I wrote another one.

Hammers in the WindBy then it was too late to stop. After retiring I settled down and was writing almost 3 books a year for a while. Now I have too many to handle and more keep coming. I just put The End on number 26 and am already swinging into action on 27. Damn, I feel like the NY Yankees winning World Series…..

So there you have it. Soldier, military historian, and author. If you just can’t wait to dig in and see what might spark your interest (or of a loved one- Christmas is right around the corner you know…cough cough) feel free to jump in an look around today. But be warned! There are no safe spaces here and no touchy feely stuff. I try to write hard with just enough emphasis on keeping events plausible with the real world. Sit back, strap in, and get ready for one hell of a ride.

Can’t wait to see you there.


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  1. Write on, Brother, write on!

    These are the greatest books for escape from today’s world into places unknown and magical. Just what we need.

    Thank you for the ride, it’s awesome.

    Holiday Greetings for a Merry and Happy, story filled New Year!

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