Day 2: The Dragon Hunters

Ok, so I came up with this grand scheme to write along the lines of Terry Brooks, Tolkien, and Dennis L. McKiernan. That was all well and fine until I decided that elves and dwarves just didn’t do it for me anymore. Fortunately for you, this is well before that event.

The Dragon Hunters was born on a hot day (Believe it or not it actually gets pretty cold there. But once you hit 140 and go down to 70 you’re freezing) in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005. I was on my 3rd combat deployment and was getting mentally and physically worn down.

Author in Baghdad 05.JPG That’s when I knew I needed an outlet. I took the world I built in Armies of the Silver Mage and decided to go back into the past, with new kingdoms, characters, and a new quest. The result is the Dragon Hunters. (My mentor actually called this one the best book I have written. Of course that was a few years ago.) It would eventually become the 2nd of 9 books I wrote in the world of Malweir and the hunger of the dark gods trying to claim their world.

The world of Malweir

If you haven’t read this one, it’s one of my favorites. If you have, please leave a review. I’d love to hear from you.


The Mage Wars are a fading memory. The kingdoms of Malweir focus on rebuilding what was lost and moving beyond the vast amounts of death and devastation. For some it is easy, others far worse. Some men are made in battle. Grelic of Thrae is one. A seasoned veteran of numerous campaigns and raids, Grelic is a warrior without a war. He languishes under mugs of ale and poor choices that eventually find him locked in the dungeons of King Rentor. His only chance at redemption is an offer tantamount to suicide: travel north with a misfit band of adventurers and learn the truth of what happened in the village of Gend.
Grelic, suddenly tired of his life, reluctantly agrees and meets the only survivor of the horrible massacre: Fitch Iane. Broken, mentally and physically, Fitch babbles about demons stalking through the mists and a terrible monster prowling the skies, breathing fire and death.
What begins as a simple reconnaissance mission quickly turns into a quest to stop Sidian, the Silver Mage from accomplishing his goals in the Deadlands. The last of the dark mages seeks to recover the four shards of the crystal of Tol Shere and open the gateway to release the dark gods from their eternal prison.
Grelic and his team are sorely outnumbered and ill prepared to deal with the combined threats of a dark mage and one of the great dragons from the west. Not even the might of the Aeldruin, high elf mercenaries, and Dakeb, the last of the mages, promises to be enough to stop evil and restore peace to Thrae.

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