Day 3: Beyond the Edge of Dawn

Every story has a beginning. This little ditty was born over the course of several long months while I was in Baghdad, Iraq. See, I was already writing the Dragon Hunters but my mind never takes a break. Something always comes along that gets my attention. After spending 15-18 hour days on duty, I would go run around this lake at Camp Victory, close to BIAP (Baghdad International Airport). A partially bombed out palace was built in the center of the lake.


I was in Mosul when Saddam Hussein was captured in 03, but 2 years later he was a prisoner awaiting trial in this very palace. Each night as I ran I would try to see if I could catch just a glimpse of this self-styled Hitler of the Middle East. I never did, but a book was born. First came a name. I wanted to know who he was, what he was. The story eventually gave birth and here you see the finished result. Officially book 3 in my Malweir series, it is the first if you go chronologically. This is where the marbles are made and sets the stage for events thousands of years into the future. Take a gander (what does that even mean?) and let me know what you think.

Beyond the Edge of Dawn

The Knights of Gaimos are legendary. The very best warriors in the world. Their kingdom was once among the most revered the world over. Once, but no more. Now Gaimos is destroyed. The remnants of it’s people scattered across every kingdom. Kavan was one of the last sons to be born into Gaimosian society before the fall. Now kingdomless, he does what every good Knight was made for: he roams Malweir in search of the perfect battle. What he finds, in the dead of winter in the kingdom of Aradain, goes beyond any expectation. Werebeasts and agents of evil lurk in the shadows, quickly preparing the land for the return of the dark gods. For Kavan, it will be a struggle just to stay alive.
Half the world away, Pirneon, the former Knight Marshal of Gaimos, languishes under petty jobs. He lacks the sense of purpose that once guided his life. His desires for a rebuilt Gaimos conflict with the morality of being a knight. Pirneon views the world march by at swift pace as his own blood-kin slowly fade into the obscure pages of history. Pirneon will do anything to reclaim his position and the glory of his fallen kingdom. He, above all others, secretly covets the title by which the rest of Malweir knows them: Vengeance Knights.
This third installment to the Histories of Malweir saga stretches back to the time before the creation of the Mages. Where the world was still wild and dangerous. Monsters and villains strain to open the paths between dimensions and return the dark gods to rule. Only a handful of brave men and women stand in the way. Journey back to the time following the fall of Gaimos and bear witness to the remnants of a military society struggle to retain identity and roam the world over on a quest for righteousness and, perhaps most of all, vengeance.

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