Day 4: Hammers in the Wind

Ok, sue me. We took a day off, but do you have any idea how exhausting it is for me to do this? Me, a guy who naturally does NOT like talking about myself. I know- wrong line of work, right? Ah well, the trials of life…

Hammers in the Wind was born on a cold NY day. I originally envisioned it as a two part story. Indeed, books 1 and 2 were just part 1- which would have made the book well over 700 pages. That’s a big production no-no these days. Cost outweighs blah blah. So, I was done with Iraq and Afghanistan at this point and contemplating retirement. Uncle Sam even went so far as to ship me up to West Point to be a babysitter for a few years. Which, now that I think about it, they were really putting me out to pasture. Huh….


So, taking a break from some very outstanding cadets who are now leaders in just about every field (including the NFL), I cranked out what I envisioned to be the final battle between the dark gods and the good guys.

(I should also point out this cover has changed so many times over the years. A minor war between myself and my former publisher. Now I can proudly declare that one Melissa Andres- former cadet and all around amazing artist who also did Armies of the Silver Mage- graced me with these new covers.)

Hammers in the Wind

Hammers in the Wind

Chaos has come to the northern kingdom of Delranan. King Badron’s house is invaded; his son murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Badron’s desire for revenge pushes the north into a long anticipated war. Confident of neighboring Rogscroft’s involvement in the attack, Badron orders his feared Wolfsreik, an army without equal, to attack and destroy his enemies.

The Dragon’s Bane returns to Delranan during the night of the attack and is quickly hired to hunt down and return the princess: dead or alive. Mercenaries and sell swords answer his call; none stranger than the seemingly feeble old Anienam Keiss, a man claiming to be the last living wizard and hiding the failures from a dark past and the mysterious warrior woman from the deep southern jungles: Rekka Jel. She comes with a dire warning. A dread evil has awakened and threatens to consume Malweir in a wave of fury.
It begins in Delranan.


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