Day 6: Tomorrow’s Demise

I was back from a year in Korea, sitting in my barracks room at Fort Bragg, oh it must have been around 93. Single, not really too much to do other than drink and play video games when we weren’t out in the field doing artillery and airborney stuff, I decided to go ahead and see if I had what it took to write a book. Mind you, this was my first attempt after the ill fated horror novel in 10th grade.

Tomorrow's Demise I

Tomorrow’s Demise was officially born. It was a roller coaster of youthful imagination and ‘you can’t tell me no’ that I stand by today. Originally intended to be one novel, I saw the current publishing trends and split it in two. It has gone through so many revisions and revampings that I often forget what’s in there, but the foundation remains true to my vision.

If you have been following the blog for a while you will have read both. If not, dive back in and give it a go. What can go wrong with genetically created monsters, pirates floating over a lava sea, an Old West setting, and an intergalactic war?

Tomorrow’s Demise

Helscape. A desolate world overrun by genetically created monsters with one purpose: eliminate all life. A handful of men and women rise from the ashes of civilization to hunt down these nightmares and restore order. Set against the backdrop of a galaxy spanning war, Tomorrow’s Demise is a tale of redemption, loss, and discovery. War has finally come. Surviving remains to be seen.

Tomorrow’s Demise is an all new military science fiction adventure set on a desolate world filled with genetically created monsters and the dwindling local population fighting them. Get your copy today and begin the adventure.

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  1. I have read both on your blog and enjoyed them very much. I was sad when it ended.( Though you have made up for it with these post. Sharing your time in the Army, sharing your life and how each book was created.) I have this book so when book 2 comes out I can read them together. I am so glad you enjoy sharing your world and talents with us.

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