Day 11: Happy New Year with the Lazarus Men

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like some weird anime cartoon. Right? It’s not my fault the stars aligned to make this title possible. I’ve always been drawn to the old film noir movies. Combine that with my inherent love of all things (almost) scifi, and I had a story to tell. Turns out that story was the beginning of the Lazarus Men Agenda.


The story is simple. Its an old fashioned treasure hunt across the stars. Throw in a brewing intergalactic war, a clandestine organization run by a man several thousand years old, and poor guy who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and off we go.

I envisioned this as a cross between the Maltese Falcon and Total Recall. As it has stewed and I just finished the follow up volume, I decided there was a bit of James Bond in there too. Regardless, enjoy.

the lazarus men

The Lazarus Men

The Lazarus Men. A clandestine organization ran by the eccentric Mr. Shine. Comprised of killers, thieves, assassins, covert agents, and spies, they spread across the galaxy to sow discord and reap the benefits.

Carter Gaetis is a deadbeat. A failed father at the end of his rope, he is approached by Mr. Shine after being released from prison and given a promise. All he has to do is accept the dark offer and his life changes forever. The cost is his soul.

Gerald LaPlant is an everyman. Obscure in the grand scheme of the galaxy, it is not until he stumbles upon a murder that his life is forced to change. On the run, he is soon embroiled in a quest that carries him from Old Earth to the distant reaches of the galaxy. Survival is anything but certain.

Part James Bond, part Maltese Falcon, part Expanse, and part Total Recall, this thriller is the first in a series spanning the galaxy set amidst the backdrop of an approaching war. Locked in the center of it all are the Lazarus Men and Mr. Shine’s grand ambitions that are centuries in the making.

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