Book review: The Dinosaur Lords

I have fond memories of playing with plastic dinosaur figures as a child. What kid didn’t love the allure of giant lizards stomping through volcano strewn landscapes, eating cavemen and stuff like that?

Victor Milan takes that story to a whole new level (Unfortunately Victor passed away last year so the story ends) with his first novel: The Dinosaur Lords. Acclaimed as a sort of Game of Thrones with dinos instead of horses and the like, he creates a fantastic world of gods, knights riding dinosaurs into battle, political intrigue, backstabbing, and so much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and went on to buy the following 2. Unfortunately I don’t think we are going to be treated to a 4th book, and definitely not the finale. Most publishers run behind so I’m sure there is a 4th manuscript out there. But that falls to his estate. A shame. Very talented writer with a great imagination that was unique for current fantasy trends.

Still, well worth the read.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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