A Great Day

What? How could I possibly mean that with so much crazy going on in the world? Simple- The New England sports world has officially been slapped in the face. Between Mookie Betts being traded from the Red Sox and now…drum roll please…the great Tom Brady ending his tenure with the Patriots, balance has been restored! And I am loving it. Let’s all take a moment to dance a little jig.

To mark this momentous occasion I am pleased to announce that since pulling my head from my 4th point of contact my Forgotten Gods Tales, books 1-3, are slowing infiltrating the book world. As of right now I have gotten almost 50 Barnes and Nobles stores up and down the east coast to agree to stock them and have over 100 sales in the first few days. The empire is growing.

series mockup

Of course, I only wrote the book, the rest of you are making the dream a reality. Your reviews, comments, likes and shares. It all matters. If you have read one, please drop a review. Better yet, go to your local store and request they short list the books. It’s a vicious business where a new book is old after 90 days and we need to keep this ball rolling. Who’s with me?

New fans start the journey here: https://books2read.com/u/bO6Jv0

Or on Amazon:


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  1. I have read Dreams Of Winter It is a great book. I have the other two but I haven’t been reading as much lately. I do love the fact that your books end up just under Erickson’s books. If I remember right he is one of the authors that got you started on this adventure.

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