It Feels Like Going to War…

After a long- I mean LONG- process, I am finally figuring out the business side of this whole writing thing. I became a company: Warfighter Books.

LogoHired a kickass staff to do some graphics work and design to get my brand up and running.

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And now have gotten the first 3 Forgotten Gods Tales paperbacks into nearly 50 bookstores up and down the east coast.


On top of that, I finished my masters program with a shiny degree in digital communications from UNC Chapel Hill. Finally armed with the weapons I need to fight this war (publishing), I am finally confident to carry my journey forward and run this to the end. Like my friends in the New Zealand Special Forces say, Who Dares Wins.

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  1. We are so very excited and happy for you! All your hard work has paid off. So glad I ran onto your books several years ago so we could see these wonderful things happen for you. Keep up the great work. You deserve all this and more.

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