Why not, right?

This has been a strange month. I started out thinking it was ignorant for many authors to try hocking their books to people who are potentially laid off or out of work right now. That still stands- though I get the rationale of having more free time to read or whatever. There has to be a balance struck somewhere.

Since the whole stay at home order for my state- which is like being deployed without anyone shooting at me- I thought I would be so productive. Whoops. Trapped at home with my family has left me unable to focus on what I need to do, when I need to do it. This, I view as a personal failing.

Now, I’m not worried about this virus, nor am I panicking. I’m also not putting myself at risk and following my common sense. This week marks the restart of my empire as states are starting to reopen. My war continues. Let’s talk about my upcoming releases later this year.

August- Book 4 of my Forgotten Gods Tales

Through Darkness Besieged

Jan 2021- Forgotten Gods Tales Book 5

Under Tattered Banners

Dec- The sequel to the Lazarus Men: Repercussions


The train never stops. The battle rages on. I highly suggest starting Forgotten Gods today and prepare. The story is just warming up.

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