Fear Profits a Man Nothing

From my limited point of view and experiences, no truer words have been uttered (even though they are from a movie with Vikings and Neanderthals killing the crap out of each other). Fear cripples. Paralyzes. Does so much damage we might not recover. This is certainly true with this Covid nonsense.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m all for minding my business, doing what the experts say, and be content with helping this virus pass on its merry way. What I am saying is there is no need for fear. My math might be off but at just under 1 million infected in the US that means less than .3% of the population is infected. The mortality rate of the number is between .5 and .7%. That’s it. For both. Now they are saying that upwards of 40 million of us have already been infected without even knowing it and recovered fully.

I can’t speak to the politics of it and refuse to watch the news anymore because of the fear mongering.  The one thing I do know is that not everywhere has been hit the same. There is no way to compare just about anywhere in the world with the disaster that happened in NYC. I can’t even imagine living through that, or with my Italian friends, or anywhere that was heavily hit by the virus.

What I can say is that it will pass, run its course when its supposed to, and the world will move on. It might not be the same as before, but it will move on. There’s no need to panic, or fear. Stay home. Stay safe and we will get through this….together.

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  1. Very well said! Here in New York State we have a big contrast, in the NYC area medical staff is over worked and in great demand. Here in the Southern Tier CEOs are asking staff to volunteer to be laid off.

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