It’s the summer of George!

So there’s been some radio silence the last few months. Been a lot of processing, thinking, and reflecting. Before this virus came in and ground the world to a halt I had gotten 3 books into almost 60 Barnes and Noble stores up and down the east coast. Not bad for a guy doing it alone, using the gift of Army recruiter training and a charismatic personality. I had a solid business plan in place that would see me expanding exponentially and making my place in the world of military scifi and fantasy. And then we hit the wall.

Times have changed and I have redoubled my efforts and relaunching a blistering assault on the book industry. Scores of new stores are in my sights as I head west. Hundreds more smaller, independent stores- I’m coming for you. Add to that, I now have 7 books being placed into stores. Seven. All are available wherever paperbacks are sold- including ebooks.

If your store doesn’t have them in stock, please go see the manager and request them. If you do, let me know! I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book of your choice if your store stocks my books.

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