Be Careful What You Look For- You Might Just Find It

I know what you’re saying. Huh? Its Monday, the week just started and I am ready to go home. Let me explain. My wife loves to watch these ghost and paranormal shows (I guess that means I have to as well?). One night we caught a show highlighting stories from the Devil’s Tramping Ground right here in North Carolina. In fact, its less than an hour away. You see where I’m going with this right?


Legend says the devil comes to the earth in this spot, a circle in the middle of the woods where almost nothing grows, and paces as he tries to figure how to steal souls and create mischief. Dating back to the mid 1800s, the area has taken on a life of its own. So we called up some friends and took a late night trip.

We arrived at midnight- creepy already right?- and slipped into the woods. The circle isn’t far off the road and the four of us stood around before exploring. Pictures were taken and it wasn’t until we got home I noticed this strange blue line in just one shot.


No one else caught anything like this. I’ll let you decide what it is. Shortly after that, our friend claimed she was grabbed on the shoulder. There was no one around her. My wife claims she felt a heavy presence in the air. We did a few recordings, performed a few tests to see if we could provoke a response and wound up being there for a full hour- it felt like 10 minutes.


After seeing what needed to be seen we headed back to the car. A little spooked and a lot of conversations. Right after we pulled off three massive dogs came running out into the middle of the road barking at the car. Hell hounds? Maybe, though one had a pink collar. Maybe it was a sign, maybe just coincidence. Either way, I went looking for the devil and left unsure of what I found.

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  1. Wish we heard of this about 10 years ago. I am sure we would have checked this out. Did you go during a full moon?Has anyone ever tried to remove any soil form this area? If so did anything weird happen when they did? Has any of the soil been tested? .

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