New Book Release: Through Darkness Besieged: A Forgotten Gods Tale #4

The time has come. It feels like I have been writing this series forever, and maybe I have. The initial idea came to me back in 09 and I sat down at the desk in the Four Seasons in Philly to start fleshing out the opening chapters of Dreams of Winter. Eleven years later we have arrived at the birth of book 4: Through Darkness Besieged. The way has been difficult- with major publishing changes on my part- but the delivery is where I want to be. (Rest assured it won’t be another 11 for me to finish the series…I hope. Lord knows I don’t want to be labelled like George RR Martin!)

Through Darkness Besieged goes on sale August 1st but there is still time to preorder your ebook or paperback through the vendor of your choice. Enjoy and as always, read on my friends. Read on!


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