Obstacles. Life is filled with them. How we choose to handle each determines the course of our future. As the ever patient (ok, maybe not all the time) observer, I see so many of the generation just entering adulthood ready to give up at the slightest hint of adversity. Every obstacle becomes an insurmountable mountain they are unwilling to climb. Why?

I was taught to work hard and stop at nothing to get what I want, where I need to be. Nothing is owed to me. If I want something I need to be responsible to get off my rear and make it happen.

None of this rings truer than my journey through the publishing experience. I have made mistakes, so many mistakes, and had a few brief triumphs. When the VA was kind enough to send me back to college I decided to take control of my destiny. Now armed with a masters in digital communications, I have the tools to turn my books into a legitimate business without the backing of the Big 5. Let’s face it, publishing has changed so much so fast the stigma of working through NYC is diminished somewhat. Not that I’ve given up trying to land that right agent and get the widespread distribution, but I am waging a smaller campaign to widen the war.

What’s the point of all this? Stop whining about it not being fair. Read. Learn. Grow. The future can be as bright or dim as you make it. I currently have 8 books being sold in Barnes and Noble stores, on major retailer sites like Target and Walmart, and are even on Waterstones. Where the future leads I don’t know, but I know I’m not slowing down my attack.

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