Book review: The worst of all possible worlds

Who doesn’t like a good sci-fi caper? Alex White’s Salvager series provides all the tropes you have come to love and expect. From the mix-matched crew of misfits and oddballs to the quest to recover forgotten treasure and now the drive to save humanity from a madman with godlike powers, this series was fast-paced, filled with action, and had just enough diversity of characters to keep it interesting. At times their development felt stinted and I never understand why authors (I might guilty of this myself) build their bad guy up to be almost impossible to defeat but has the good guys team up and work together at the end- which is what they should have been doing from the beginning. And seriously, if the baddie is that powerful why didn’t he just wipe them out to start with? Ah well, guess that would have made for a short story and this is the conclusion to a trilogy.

Go ahead and grab this one. You shouldn’t be disappointed.


4.2 stars out of 5.

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