Whose ready for a good time?

Once in a while I stumble on an idea and it takes hold. Those of you have been around me long enough know the old fashioned Where Have All the Elves Gone? story was born out of frustration. I mean, seriously, sparkly vampires all but killed traditional fantasy- which is what I was writing at the time. To show my frustrations I decided to craft a tale about a former soldier turned father and author (Wonder where I got that idea from….) who was being rejected for his latest book because the industry shifted. He stumbles onto a world that shouldn’t exist but does. Elves, trolls, dwarves, and even a dragon come into play- all right under our noses.

Sounds like a hard time, right? It is. Our poor hero goes through one long night of hell as he gets involved with a shady government agency, a civil war between light and dark elves, a pair of cigar smoking dwarven bankers with a fondness for machine guns and, well…you’ll have to read the rest.

My big announcement is that the paperback will soon be available through every major retailer and can be ordered to your local store- please ask them to stock any and all of my books (I can’t do this without you! The more people who request my books in stores the better chance I have of going international!)

E version is currently for sale, but who doesn’t love a good paperback? If you have already read this, PLEASE take a moment and leave a review. Every one counts!!!!

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