Look it up- its a word and I dig it. There’s no surprise that lately I have been feeling the strain of being a publisher. Kicking my ass is one way to look at it. I realized a few weeks ago that it had become a job instead of the fun it once was. I was more focused on cold calling stores and libraries, marketing, trying to be seen and known, etc. The list goes on and on until my mind is numb to it all.

Somewhere along the way I stopped writing. Didn’t even want to think about banging out a few thousand words. The joy was gone. About a year ago I had a a boo hoo moment where I thought about giving up entirely on this game. This lasted for about 5 minutes before the old sergeant came back and I forged ahead. Let’s be clear- sympathy is a useless emotion. Feeling sorry for someone doesn’t change things. I have never felt sorry for anyone- including myself- right up until that moment and it pissed me off. Got a problem? Fix it. Have an issue? Solve it.

So I did. It took me reading one woman’s tweet to snap me back into place. She contemplated giving up completely and it made me mad. Got the old fires burning again, you might say. I don’t want to be like that. Unlike this new generation who gives up on everything the instant it gets difficult I know how to fight through to the end.

So where does invigoration come into play? Last week I signed a massive 5 book deal with Hurn Publications. I have my books on the shelves in Barnes and Noble stores in 14 states and growing. Small bookstores, libraries, the campaign continues to establish my name and conquer the world. (I always told my mother I was going to take over the world- just didn’t think it would be in book form!)

My point is this: stop whining about how bad off your books are, your writing, how no one seems to notice you. There are over 10 million books for sale on Amazon. Give people a reason to find yours and you. Never stop the fight.

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  1. Congratulations on all the good things you are achieving! I like your attitude when things get rough. Though if I hear you have given up writing because it was too much I will have to find you ( I think you know I can) and change your mind. Deb

  2. Cogratulation! We have all felt in some portion that turning point. We draw inspiration from you being inspired. Keep writing. Vets…support vets. Check out Christian’s works!

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