Lack of Effort

It’s finally October- welcome to a month long Hell-o-ween extravaganza! I don’t know about you but when I was a child I couldn’t get enough of those corny scary movies. Dracula? Check. Frankenstein? Boom. The Werewolf? Oh hell yeah. (My all-time favorite would be the Creature from the Black Lagoon). I may be a few decades older but that love for horror remains. In fact, my first book was a very poorly written novel in 10th grade that I still try to find and destroy whenever I go visit my mother.

I envisioned becoming a horror writer thanks to the pioneering of Stephen King and Clive Barker. Clearly that didn’t happen but the giddiness remains each October first when those great old movies come on for the month.

Now you may be wondering where I’m going with this. Simple. Horror movies have become so downgraded they are almost pathetic. How many movies rely solely on jump scares or suffer from the predictable and boring ending of the bad guy magically reanimating at the end of the last scene? How many more sequels featuring masked killers must we endure? Yawn.

Hollywood suffers from a clear lack of effort- and not just in the horror arena. They rebrand older movies in pale attempts at making them ‘fresh’. Seriously, if all you are doing is replacing the original cast with women that’s not original and it’s not fair to the great actresses taking part in it- yes Ghostbusters, I’m talking about you! How about instead of recreating something we create something new. Great, inspiring characters new generations can enjoy?

I suppose that’s too much to ask.

This week’s pick is a little ditty I wrote a long, long time ago.

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