I Love Optimism

I do, I really do. There is something invigorating about hoping and expecting the best. Sometimes it gets to be a stretch. Take everyone saying they can’t wait for 2020 to be over. Like 1 Jan 2021 is going to magically reset the clocks and the world is going to be freaking amazing just like that. Ok, so that might be pushing it, but does it hurt to think that way? I say no.

Some of you know I decided to start my own thing back in April: Warfighter Books. I took control of my brand and business and went to war with the publishing industry. Or so I thought. This little silly virus seems to have everything discombobulated right now and its driving me to do better. I had an initial 1 yr goal of selling 1000 paperbacks. Not saying I can’t meet that goal, but right now I am standing on 400 sold. That’s all right. I still have almost 5 months to see what happens and a few releases between here and there.

Time and again I see so many authors happy to sell their ebooks on Amazon to friends and family, or a copy here or another the week later. How is this all right? I asked a question the other day and one person actually told me he was a tree hugger and didn’t believe in killing trees to make a book. Ummmm…. Not knocking him, but why did you get into the publishing business if you aren’t going to treat it as one? Seems like shooting yourself in the foot to me.

I guess what I’m really saying is even though the world seems to look like shit right now there is always something to strive for. To reach for. To try and attain to make yourself better. Why settle for anything less?

On 11 Jan (my birthday) I will be releasing the paperback version of Law of the Heretic: Immortality Shattered Book I. This is a long time in the making. I wrote the first 110 pages when I was in high school back in 89. Scrapped it when I was in Korea in 98. Started over and finished it in 99 while I was at training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It took another decade and a half for me to find interest enough in finishing the four books of the series, but I think you will agree that these were well worth the wait. Speaking of waiting- can’t? You can grab all four books as ebooks today.

And as always, drop a review. Stop by to say hi, or whatever you feel. I can’t do this alone.

Oh and, BEAT NAVY!

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