A Case of the Mondays

Welcome to the 12 days of Christmas. Where did the time go? Oh sure, presents are wrapped and under the tree. The house is decorated and waiting for the smell of a traditional Cuban Christmas Eve dinner, but there is something missing.

Maybe its the rain today. Or the gloomy overcast- never a great way to start the week. Or maybe, just maybe it is the fact that I still have sooooooo much to do to ensure you wonderful people get the best books you deserve. The work never ends and every time I cross something off the list I add three more. Take, for instance, I am going through the process of getting my books into the Library of Congress. How’s that for legitimacy?

(Just a few more days before this goes off the market and I no longer control price or destiny. Get it while you can or wait til the fall….you’re choice!)

The one thing that has always carried over from my Army days is the never stop attitude. Obstacle in the path? Clear it or flank it. Ambush? Fight through and defeat it. You get the point. So many self-published authors settle for failure, believing that is the expected norm. Why? Why do it at all if you don’t do everything within your power to be successful and carve a name for yourself?

After all, empires aren’t won. They’re earned on the blood and sweat of good men and women willing to do anything to reach their goals.

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