A Christmas Miracle?

If you haven’t learned anything about me over the past few years you should at least know I am very private person, when it come to personal matters. Anything book related is wide open of course. So here goes:

I recently lost a very good friend, not from Covid, but still a loss is a loss. It took him over a week to pass and no one was able to say good-bye because of the pandemic. I won’t say I was haunted with guilt over it, after all, who am I to question the Big Guy upstairs? But it left an incomplete sensation.

Last night I had a dream. My friend and I were sitting there, laughing, joking, talking about cigars and bourbon and having a great time. I saw his face clearly. That cheese eating grin and casual manner. All of it. After our conversation was over he looked at me and said, Ok, I have to go. I turned around and he was gone.

I felt my mouth twist into a grin while I was still asleep. This is what closure feels like. When I woke, oh around 3:30 or so I was smiling and content. Now, I’m not suggesting it was his ghost or spirit or anything like that, but what if it was?

Merry Christmas my friends. I wish you all a joyous, healthy New Year.

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  1. My condolences on the loss of your friend. I believe you did get a Christmas Miracle. Keep it close in your memory.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas ( or a festive Noche Buena.) and a New Year with many new opportunities and much success. The Raines

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