A New Age is upon us

Welcome to the new dawn. A new year. A renewed lease on life. Lots of changes this year for me already and I feel the motivation slowly seeping back into me. I pulled the Lazarus Men from publication, but that’s ok. Not only will it be back in Oct under my awesome new publisher’s name: Hurn Publications, I signed a 5 book deal so there will be plenty of adventures from that crew over the next few years.

The first paperback in the Immortality Shattered series: Law of the Heretic is about to blast into the universe on the 11th. Not only am I excited about it, but this is my first book officially registered with the Library of Congress. The ebooks for the entire series are out now and waiting for you to read. No, for real. Read them. They want you to read them and then comment on them!

Add to all this I got the rights back to my combat memoirs so I can fix it up and slam the bolt forward by Memorial Day and I am feeling all right. Did I mention Warfighter Books continues to pick up steam? That I have a pair of how to books getting ready to launch with Write Way Publishing? That I have a brand new story submitting to yet another publisher? Or that I am finishing book 5 of the Forgotten Gods series and about to write a short motivational book called 10 Things My Dog Taught Me: How I Transitioned from the Army to the Real World?

I don’t know about you, but after all that I need a drink! Here’s to the best for 2021!

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