What’s The Point?

Ever been asked this question and took the time to think it through? I have, and I did. Writing, for me, has always been something I had to do. Stories, characters, and scenarios fill my head, inspired by all things great and small. I don’t really control it. More of direct the energy through the proper journey. People have asked me why I write. The real answer is I think I have to.

But looking deeper into what’s the point. Introspection is a wonderful thing. Even if you aren’t sure where you are going. Why do I write and work so hard to sell books? Because I find inspiration in people from around the world reaching out to me with their comments- good or bad. Just knowing a complete stranger read and enjoyed my book, that I managed to fill their day with a little joy, is a powerful emotion. Oh sure, the money is nice, but I would be a fool to say I’m doing this to get rich. A comfortable living, sure….

We each have unique and personal reasons for doing what we do. This is mine. I challenge you all to peel back the exterior and look deep into the caverns of your mind to see what yours is.

Remember gang, Law of the Heretic: Immortality Shattered Book I is available in paperback at your favorite major retailer. Don’t be shy. This is the one I drove 120 handwritten pages into before deciding I could do better and scrapped it all to start over. Grab your copy today and, please, let me know what you think. I always love hearing from you.

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